So You Wanna Race!?!
Extreme Cowboy Racing Camp

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Explore Speed with Control


The sport of Extreme Cowboy racing is an excellent way to improve or up-level your skillset, trust and partnership with your horse.


Our unique 5-day camp is an immersion into all things Cowboy Racing, while gaining hands-on experience and so much more . . . 

Intention Setting

Memorizing Courses

Cowboy Jumping


Hand Eye Coordination Obstacles

Sound Obstacles

Free Rides

Horse & Rider Requirements:

  Confident walk, trot & canter

  Comfortable riding in a group, indoors & outside


All Disciplines Welcome!

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Our Extremely Happy Cowboy Racing Campers!!

Enjoy these photos of our participants racing on the Sawatzky Equine Outdoor Obstacle Course.

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June 26 - 30, 2021


July 30 - August 3, 2021

Take A Look At Our Camp Experience ...

5 Days to Get Your Race Game On!


Melissa Glowinski

  • Associate Trainer with
    Sawatzky Equine


  • 3x EXCA Worlds Competitor

  • 3x High Point Champion
    (ECA & XWR)


  • Equine Sports Therapist

Are you looking to improve your
partnership skills with your horse??

Let us help you . . .

By preparing for the summer race season and learning the main elements you need to succeed
and enjoy the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing!!

Brenda Glowinski

  • EC Certified Coach

  • SMS 2019 Buckle Winner

  • 3x EXCA Worlds Coach

  • 3-Day Eventing Background

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to up your race game!!!


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