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Core Partnership

Core Partnership Canada

Are Your Commitments Bigger than You Can Possibly Accomplish Alone?

Imagine 4 days with a dozen extraordinary women and men, where you align your heart's desires, your will, and your intention with an expanded ability to communicate clearly and powerfully in partnership.

Core Partnership is a breakthrough in what is possible from profoundly shifting your BEING to match the language and tools you've learned at PAX.

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This intimate and life-altering course with Alison Armstrong and Cindy Sawatzky is limited to 12 graduates of PAX Programs. 

Core Partnership Is For You If...

​​​If you answered YES to even one of these questions, Core Partnership is for you -- But only if you're willing to never have these complaints again. And you're interested in trading the illusion of control for the reality of being provided for in vibrant partnerships everywhere in your life. What could happen if you were a living, breathing, open invitation for partnership?

You've ever been accused of nagging? Of pressuring? Of not giving anyone "room to breathe?"

You have to do everything yourself for it turn out right?

You feel the need to micro-manage; at work, in your family or in your relationship.

You are committed to an extraordinary family, business or community?

You are committed to excellence as a partner, manager or executive?