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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Working With Horses


Why Horses?

Because they live in a paradigm of Respect rather than Being Liked; they respond only to clear Communication; they want to be Heroes for you and not merely "dust the piano."  They also have the fastest reactions of any domesticated animal (faster than a cat!). This makes them excellent trainers in all endeavors that require integrity and unclouded communication. Your horse will provide the 1000+ pound visual and visceral learning tool to get the elements of Partnership in every fiber of your body.​

Do I need to like horses to benefit from this course?

No, you don't need to like them. They will train you with powerful, clear, immediate feedback regardless of how you feel about them.


What if I'm afraid of horses?

Fear is fine if you're committed to breaking through it and are willing to receive support. Fear is often a result of Objectification, one of the biggest barriers to Partnership. As you recognize the distinct, amazing BEING on the other end of the rope, awaiting your partnership, you won't ever be the same.

Do I need prior horse experience to take this course?

No prior experience is necessary. This is a course in partnership, not horsemanship.


Will we ride the horses?

No, the coursework with the horses will happen on the ground.

What to Pack

Should I pack bug spray or sunscreen?

Yes both! Summer is very sunny in Alberta and there will be mosquitoes. 

What is the weather like?

Summer average daytime temperatures are around 24 C (74 F) and will get cooler overnight. Short thunderstorms are common in the evening so be sure to pack a light rain jacket.

What sort of clothing should I pack?

The number one rule in Alberta: dress in layers!

You will want lighter shirts/ tank tops for the afternoon heat and sweaters for the evenings and mornings. Also, if we are inside it is rather cool.

A light wind resistant jacket and jeans or other pants.

Remember you are working with horses so pack clothes that you will not mind getting dust on.

What footwear is appropriate?

Close toed shoes for working with the horses.

Clean shoes or slippers for work in the classroom (optional).

Things We Love About Alberta

Long Summer Days

During the summer we enjoy over 16 hours of daylight! The sun rises at 5 am and sets around 10 pm. Plenty of time for summer fun.

The Big Blue Prairie Sky

Whether it is showcasing thunderstorms, the northern lights or epic sunsets. This vast sky will take your breath away.

Canadian Rockies

At Sawatzky Equine we are only 4 hours away from this!

Edmonton Festivals 

Arts, culture, food, theater, music and fun, there is a festival for everyone.

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