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Standard Program 
See bottom of page for Early Bird Discounts!

This program is intended for students interested in being taught a step-by-step process for an entire colt starting program from basic ground work through to being able to ride walk/trot/canter. 


Our main focus is on teaching safe practices in a systematic program that progresses a young horses training to being ridden under saddle.

We provide extensive support and experiential learning throughout the 6-weeks that includes:


✦ Class time and theory

✦ Demonstrations

✦ Practicing new skills on mature horses

✦ Hands-on practice with your colt

✦ One-on-one coaching throughout the program

✦ Instructor assessments of horses 

✦ Customized weekly homework

✦ And much more!

The Standard Colt Starting School Program Includes**

  • All 4 Standard Colt Starting School Thursday/Friday Classes*

  • All 3 Standard Colt Starting School Friday Evening Classes*

  • All 6 Standard Colt Starting School Weekly Google Meet Check-In/Q&A Tuesday Evening Calls*

  • Theory and Exercise Manuals 

  • Haul In & Stabling for classes

* Please reference the 2024 Standard Program Schedule below for specific dates.

** Participation in all parts of the program is required.

~ Your Tuition Does Not Include: ~

We have options available for the above items.
Please click on the link below to visit our FAQ page to learn more about these options and pricing.

  • Young horses for the program

  • On-site full time board 

  • On-site accommodations​ or plug-in camping

  • Meals

In order to provide a Safe, Supportive and Systematic education in Colt Starting, our enrollment is limited to 6 students total.

(combined total of both Professional & Standard program participants)

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2024 Standard Program Schedule

CSS24 Standard Program Schedule-min.png

Standard Program Tuition
$4,295 + GST

Upon acceptance into the Standard Program a deposit of $644 +GST is due.

The remaining tuition + GST must be paid before August 20, 2024.

Equal Payment Plans are Available by Request.

** Pay In Full Discounts In Effect**


By April 20 - 20% Discount!

($859 Savings)

By May 20  - 15% Discount!

($644 Savings)

By June 20 - 10% Discount!

($429 Savings)

Note: Applications must be received by the above dates to qualify AND full payment made within 2 weeks of being accepted into the program.

(interviews are generally scheduled within 1 week of receiving applications)


Applications OPEN

on February 1, 2024


Applications CLOSE

on July 20, 2024

Missed Dates

If you miss a class we cannot accommodate rescheduling. We have a full training schedule for the months of September and October. The weekly calls are not available to be rescheduled.


Refund & Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your registration into the program by July 22, 2024 we will refund your money minus a $200 administration fee.

If you cancel your registration into the program after July 22, 2024 we will not provide a refund.

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Colt Starting School Standard Application
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