Program Details



This is an intensive 6 week program. All dates will take place at the Sawatzky Equine arena with your young horse.


Weekend Dates

Kick Off Weekend:      May 17-19 (Friday Evening + Saturday + Sunday until Noon)

Weekend #2:              May 31 & June 1 (Friday Evening + All Day Saturday)

Weekend #3:              June 14 & 15 (Fri PM + Saturday)

Weekend #4               June 28 & 29 (Fri PM + Saturday)


Weekday Dates

TBD based on participant schedules - they will be in the evening on a weekday for a duration of 2hrs.


Weekly Check-in Calls

TBD based on participant schedules*. They will be in the evening on a weekday for a duration of 1hr.

*Replays will be available.


Where is Sawatzky Equine


10 min south of Busby. Straight West of the small hamlet of Alcomdale (12min on township road 570).


Please look up ‘Sawatzky Equine’ on Google maps for a pin of our location. DO NOT type our exact address, it does not work and the GPS/maps will direct you to far away places.






Camping and Accommodation 


Weekend camping at Sawatzky Equine. You are welcome to camp in your trailer at our barn overnight for the weekend dates. We have a limited amount of power available. There will be no additional charge for camping. We have a bathroom, shower and kitchenette available in the barn.


Food and Meals

There will be no meals or snacks provided. Please bring your own.




The full price for the program is $2098 (including GST)

A deposit to save your spot in the program is $499 and is due after your acceptance into the program. We are accepting payment online (with PayPal) and E-transfers.


Pay in Full

If you choose to pay in full the remainder of your tuition is $1599.95 an is due on or before May 13


Payment Plan

2 payments of  $839.98

Your first payment is due before May 13 and your second payment will be due a month later on the same day your first payment was processed.


Please be aware, if we commit to another colt starting program the price will be double ($4196.00) or more. This year we are running a beta program to see if a colt starting school will work for us.


Materials and Extra’s


There are no extra costs for materials provided in the program.


Stabling and Hauling-in

Please bring your own feed.  There is no extra cost for stabling or hauling in. 


Horse Provided (optional)

Additional charge for a young horse to use* for the duration of the program is $1000.00

This includes board at Sawatzky Equine for the duration of the program.

*Horse will be owned by Sawatzky Equine 


Board at Sawatzky Equine (optional)

Special 6 week boarding price for participants is $300.00

We have outdoor pens with shelters available. We feed grass hay and a daily mineral mixture. We have a heated indoor arena with a small barn attached as well as an outdoor arena.


Missed Dates


If you miss a class we cannot accommodate rescheduling. We have a full training schedule for the months of May and June. The weekly calls are not available to be rescheduled as there will be a replay available.






Refund and Cancellation Policy


If you cancel before May 13 you are eligible for a full refund save a $100 dollar processing fee. After May 12 we cannot offer any refunds for cancellations.