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Please note Sawatzky Equine is currently not offering this clinic due to Covid health protocol and international travel & border restrictions.

Define and Refine Your Pressure Clinic

"You will explore different ways to reach new heights for you and your horse mentally, and physically. We will illuminate how working with human nature, horse nature, and how brains learn, leads to safer, more refined, and enjoyable training and riding for all levels and disciplines of horse and rider.  We will provide you with new possibilities for how to relate to your horse and your own learning process."

~ Freedom Equine Team

We are excited to be welcoming back the clinicians from Freedom Equine to share their unique introductory clinic based on their method of defining and refining your relationship to the world of Pressure.


Roland, Jengo & Ellie-min.jpg

This clinic is for those who want . . . 

  • More confidence, Fun and Freedom to do more of whatever you love to do with your horse!

  • To explore BOTH yours and your horses understanding and experience of Pressure (and release).

  • Increased awareness of rider “blind spots” that limit ability to communicate effectively through Pressure

  • Experiential exercises that naturally cause Refinement and a higher level of “Feel.”

  • Increased effectiveness in your ability to problem solve for yourself and your horse.

  • Anyone who is interested in Refining pressure to have clearer communication and confidence with their horses.


This clinic applies to all disciplines…English and Western and is highly applicable to both competitive and pleasure riders

This Clinic is not your "average" clinic!

It is built on a solid foundation of neuroscience that increases the ability to LEARN. Helping to demystify the concept of pressure that affects the partnership between human & horse.

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